Explore Diablo

Summit Hike June 2009

Mount Diablo Summit from Clayton
Back Canyon
California Quail
Red Tailed Hawk
Looking back down Back Canyon
Eagle Peak
Wind Poppy
Indian Pink
Mariposa Lily (there's always a bug)
Elegant Brodiaea
Fog Creeping over Burma Ridge
Lichen on Bald Ridge
Bug and Lichen
Bald Ridge Trail
Foothill Penstemon
Summit Trail
Summit Museum
Fossils in the Sandstone Walls of the Summit Museum
Butterfly on Cobweb Thistle
California Whiptail
Coyote Mint
Looking back up at Ransome Point
Donner Creek
Donner Canyon
Regency Gate
Clayton, CA altitude 500'
Back Creek Trail to Murchio Gap 2,330'
Bald Ridge Trail to Prospector's Gap 2,956'
North Peak Trail to Summit Trail to Summit 3,849'
Summit Trail to North Peak Trail to Prospector's Gap
Prospector's Gap Road to Middle Trail
Hetherington Trail to Donner Canyon Road