Explore Diablo

Fall 2012

Diablo Foothills Pine Canyon Hike from Castle Rock Park
Castle Rock
Stage Road
Foliage along Pine Creek
The old dam south of Castle Rock Park is known as Pine Creek Reservoir. There is a project planned to start in 2014 to "remove accumulated sediment to restore design flood storage capacity, create wetlands in [the] new reservoir bottom as mitigation of impacts, and also rehabilitate primary and emergency spillways..."
Contra Costa Canal Trail
View of Mount Diablo from Pleasant Hill
Mount Diablo from Ram's Gate Winery in Sonoma
Mount Diablo Hike to Green Ranch from Blue Oak Picnic Area
Green Ranch Road
Old Chimney at Green Ranch
View from Meridian Flat
Lookout Point along Summit Road
Mount Diablo Hike to Fossil Ridge from Dan Cook Canyon
West Fossil Ridge
Black Hills
East Fossil Ridge
Sentinel Rock
Fire Ant at Rock City
Mount Diablo Summit from East Fossil Ridge Road
Shell Ridge Ridge Top Trail
Clouds Over Shell Ridge
Ridge Top Trail