Explore Diablo

Early Summer 2013

Acalanes Ridge Acalanes Ridge North
Buckeye Tree near the Sousa Drive Trailhead
Sousa Trail
Bridge along Sousa Trail
Flower along the new Gary Bogue Trail
View along Acalanes Ridge to Briones Regional Park
Walnut Creek and Mount Diablo from Acalanes Ridge
Lafayette Ridge Trail Climbing from Pleasant Hill Road
Sousa Trail
Mount Diablo Summit from Regency Gate in Clayton
Sunrise over Donner Canyon
Donner Canyon Road
Pine Trees along Hetherington Trail
White Flower along Middle Trail
Cobweb Thistle
What Are These?
The only running water I heard all day on the mountain was at Big Springs.
Elegant Clarkia along Prospectors Gap Road
Alligator Lizard along North Peak Trail
Fiery Skipper Butterfly on a Foothill Penstemon
'Looking Over Creation' at Devil's Elbow
At the Summit
Looking over Ransome Point down to the Trailhead in Clayton
Charred Wood along Bald Ridge Trail
Mule Ears
Manzanitas along Back Creek Trail
Eagle Peak
Back Canyon
Back Canyon
Twin Peaks and Eagle Peak from Regency Gate
Diablo Foothills Pine Canyon Hike from Castle Rock Park
Mt. Diablo from the Diablo Foothills
Castle Rock from Shell Ridge Loop Trail
Castle Rock from Buckeye Ravine Trail
10' Tall Reeds in Pine Pond